Fiber, Fabrics and Textiles Engineering (FATE)

Fiber, Fabrics and Textiles Engineering (FATE) publishes advanced articles for both theoretical and experimental composites material research which exploit  discoveries and inventions in fiber, fabrics and textiles engineering applications. This journal can also suggested and proposed new systems of chemical composition and properties of atomic elements, fiber innovation involves science, technology and implementation of natural and synthetic fibres. The discussion range involved of color science fibrous textile, structures and their applications, the structural behaviours of tensile, shear, density, energy absorption, range of textile production, structure and mechanics of textile fibre assemblies, specialist yarn and fabric structures, dyeing and finishing, textile processing, stiched, crimped and non crimped, woven and nonwovens in technical textiles and recycling technology of textile products and fabric technologies were also covered.

The aim of this journal is to make better improvements and developments at those involved with these materials such as textile product design analysis and modeling, fibrous assemblies, properties, applications and modelling of 3D textile structures and finally nanotechnology in textile research to make proper value chain of the whole textile processes, to the design, marketing and use of products.

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