Advanced Polymers (APO)

Advanced Polymer (APO) publishes advanced articles for both theoretical and experimental polymer material research for both large and small scale application in manufacturing and productions sectors. This journal cover the following topics of applied catalysis, analytical techniques, health and safety environmentally responsible aspects. The development of latest technology of instruments for improvement of bond efficiency, pollution control and resources recovery, optimization of different types of polymers were also covered.

The aim of this journal is to make better improvements and developments at those involved with these materials such as processor, designer or manufacturer. Applications vary from miniature electronic components to large panels for automotive and aerospace industries. focusing coverage on the updated polymer material research including the properties and processing of growing range of high performance polymer, blends & alloys, polymer processing, mould & product design, recycling and application development. Polycarbonate, polyamide, PPS, PEK, PEEK and the advanced thermosets are finding uses both in the replacement of conventional materials and in novel applications. 

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